Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome

*Insert some sort of amazing intro music as I walk up to the stage. I probably bow because I’m too deeply immersed in Asian culture, but because I’m not Asian and I’m awkward I accidentally trip on an untied shoelace (Although, who forgets to tie their shoelace before speaking at a conference? Apparently this girl.), but I catch my balance before I fall on my face and make a complete fool of myself. I straighten up, adjust my blazer (because why not?), and kind of nervously laugh at myself. Then I finally take the microphone from the person who introduced me.*

Why am I here? More importantly why are you here? I’m assuming the answer is the same for both. We like reading, or we like writing. Maybe we like both of them at the same time. For whatever reason you’re here, I’m glad we get to meet.

See, I have a few plans, a few goals in my life that I want to achieve. God willing that is.

Long term: Graduate from college. Move to China. Get married. Have kids. Teach English as a second language. Write a book. Travel everywhere.

All of that is set up and happening now. Next summer I’m interning with a great company in China. When I graduate I’m going to work with them full time. In two years, I graduate. Time goes by fast. Before I know it, two years will be up.

Short term: Publish a Chapbook. Publish an e-book. Perhaps freelance in between, and absolutely make submissions to some literary magazines.

When I say short term, I mean this summer, this year, Before 2018.

“Okay. Why do we care?” I’m glad you asked! See, I can’t do any of this without you. I need readers. I need people who will support me. I need someone backing me up, hopefully telling my writing doesn’t suck, or if it does how I can make it better. I need people in my corner encouraging me on. When I can’t think of another word to write, I need writing prompts. I ask for grace as I jump into the swing of things. I’m going to be a bit slow in the beginning, but I will build momentum.

In the same way you’re there for me, I’ll be there for you. Give me just a little bit of your time and lets see where this takes us, uh? I can’t promise you a lot, but I can promise you my time and my attention. I just ask for a little bit of yours in return.

What do you say? You wanna go on this journey with me? I would really hate to go alone.