Story Time

The Dragon Sash

I still wore the veil held in place by a jade comb, but I refused to wear the elaborate headdress. I relented to wearing everything else. The shoes I was wearing were made with a soft red fabric. Green turtles were stitched into the sides. The dress I was wearing was white with a red robe. The sash tied around my waist was also white but with red dragons stitched into it. It was the final piece to the whole ensemble. It was a gift, he had asked me to wear it.

We were out in the peach grove under all of the blossoming trees. I was in a palanquin, a light silk fabric screening my face from him. I came from just as much a royal family as he did. Surrounding me were twelve men. He was alone. We had only meant twice before and those times were only coincidences. He held out both hands. Folded over them was the sash. He said he would be honored if I wore it. How could I have refused him? It was probably the most beautiful gift I had ever been given. However, I should have known the intentions behind it, especially since it was coming from him.

It was only a few weeks after that, when I found myself sitting in my room surrounded by maids. They were all combing my hair, touching my skin, trying to decide how to paint my face. I turned to them and said, “Dress me how you want, but you must choose whether I wear the headdress or the sash. I will not wear both. I will not let others seal my fate when I am perfectly capable of deciding my future for myself.”

I was without the headdress, but the sash suddenly felt too tight. I wanted out of the Bridal Chair and into the open air. I wanted out from behind the curtains and the veil. Looking ahead I saw the palace doors open. Looking behind me, I watched them close. With the gates behind me and the crown prince somewhere in the palace in front of me, I knew the dragon sash tied around my waist had tied me to this occasion. I now had little to no part in my own future. I knew that whether I liked it or not, I was now bound to the crown prince and his future the moment I accepted the sash, something I never should have done.

Story Time

Thirty Seconds

“Choose one.”

On the table in front of me was a razor blade, a pair of scissors, a steak knife, a bottle of Hydrocodone, a bottle of Oxycontin, a syringe filled with Dilaudid (which is eight times stronger than morphine), a Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol, and a picture of my family whom I slaughtered. Behind me in white uniforms stood two men. In their hands they held long black staffs. The man standing behind my left shoulder raised his staff and hit the back of my head. I brought my head back up, flipping my hair over my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. “Only one? But they all look so fun.”

“Choose one.”

I raised my cuffed hands. “Do I get to administer my own death or am I even denied that pleasure?”

The man on the other side of the table in front of me slammed his hands down. His eyes were wide. I imagined that if they bulged out any further than they would pop right out of his head. “Any pleasure you have been denied is because you sacrificed it.”

I nodded toward the picture on the table. “Are you referring to them being a pleasure?” His right eye twitched. “Because, if so,” I leaned forward and rested my elbows on the table, “I didn’t find them pleasurable.”

“Choose. One. Now.”

“Pistol.” He reeled back and grabbed the pistol. He aimed it at me. “But, then again that would be too simple wouldn’t it be?” I smiled. He slammed the pistol on the table. “The steak knife, now that would be messy.”

“Choose one!”

I stretched my arms out and lightly ran my fingers across everything in front of me. “The medicine. That would be painless, but boring.” I brought my arms back and looked up at him. I pouted my lips and gave him the best doll face I could. “Don’t you have anything more fun than this?”

A vein in his neck began to pop out. I snorted as he got closer to my face. In a low voice he said, “Choose. One.”

“Syringe.” Before he could grab it, I snagged the needle in my cuffed hands and injected it into his neck. He quickly reached up and pulled it out. His elbow began to shake and eyes began to close.

I had thirty seconds before he collapsed. I snagged the gun. He fell onto the table. I stood up, and as I turned, I kicked the chair behind me. Both men easily avoided the chair. I shot the one who had stood behind my right shoulder. The one to the left was on me in seconds. He brought his staff down hard on my wrists forcing me to drop the gun. He quickly dropped his own staff and grabbed my wrists. He forced them above my head while he pushed me back onto the table. He placed one hand on my shoulder holding me down while He grabbed my wrists and brought them down to my abdomen. He flipped me over onto my stomach. The razor blade, the scissors, and the steak knife were right under me. I squirmed underneath the pressure of his hand on my back. He pressed harder. He pulled out a walky-talky and started calling for backup. There was a reply in seconds.

The pressure on my back lightened as he yelled orders into the walky-talky. He was giving the person on the other end a rundown of what I had just done. I squirmed a little more, maneuvering the steak knife into my hand. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the handle that I grabbed. I could feel the blade cutting into my skin, and I could feel the scissors pushing against my arm. I closed my eyes and took a deep a breath. I opened my eyes and began kicking at his legs. He momentarily lost his balance. I took that moment and was able to get my hands out from under me by moving them to the left. His hand slipped off my back and he fell on top of me. I quickly flipped the knife around in my hands so that I was holding the black handle. He braced his hands on the table and was about to push himself back up when I started repeatedly stabbing the steak knife into him. I was only going to count to five and then stop and push him off, but in my anger I lost count and continued stabbing him.

When I realized he wasn’t fighting to get up anymore, I shoved his body off of me. I took a few deep breaths before I got up myself. I dropped the knife and looked around the room. The man I had shot was lying on the floor. He had a hand pressed to his chest. Blood was bubbling out of his mouth. His lungs were filling with blood, and he was struggling to breathe. I picked up the gun and shot the man a second time. This time, I didn’t miss his cranium. I put the gun in the waistband of my pants. I moved back over to the table. I rolled over the man slumped on top and began rifling through his pockets. I pulled out a set of keys and pocketed them. Then I slid the picture off the table. I folded it in half and slid it into my pocket with the keys. I looked around the room before I left. It was time to go clear my name. I didn’t slaughter my family; they were still alive.

He Said She Said by Kwame Alexander – Book Review

He Said She Said was another easy book by Kwame Alexander. The character development was well done and probably what kept me reading.

Omar Smalls is a football player at a small town high school. He’s the best on the team and is on his way to Miami to play in college. Not only is he known for his amazing skill in football, but also for his inane ability to pick up women. But wait, Claudia Clarke comes along and he can’t quite get her to go to bed with him. Whatever will he do when he made a bet of one-fifty with his friends? He’s got a lot of money riding on the line here and Claudia isn’t like all the other girls. She’s not easy.

Claudia Clarke has a few things that haunt her past, and she doesn’t want a repeat of a few of those mistakes. When Omar comes into her life persistently chasing her, she pushes him away and tries to drop him at every chance she can get. Omar doesn’t leave to easyily. 

In time they bond over fighting for freedom. Love even seems to be blossoming in the air. Until an old ex of Omar’s jump into the picture. In the end they both have to figure out how to apologize and forgive. Although, that’s easier said than done.

I enjoyed reading this book, although I would probably not reread it. I definitely recommend it though! It’s a great inspiring teen read. Kwame’s writing style is unique and I enjoyed reading it in his two books.

Crossover by Kwame Alexander – Book Review

This book was written entirely in prose. It was fun and easy to read. The end of it even pulled on my heartstrings a little bit. 

Crossover is about Josh Bell, also known as Filthy McNasty, who plays basketball. He and his twin brother Jordan, JB, Bell  play together. Basketball has always been what connected the brothers and their dad together. Next thing JB has a girlfriend and things get a bit tense between the brothers. It’s weird for Josh to begin doing things without Jordan. It gets so bad the boys even stop talking to each other for a short time. After a series of events that tests the entire family, Josh is challenged with whether he should keep playing Basketball or if he should stop and help the family. 

Since the whole thing was written is prose I was able to read through it quickly. An entire story told through poetry in that way was entertaining and kept me turning the page. Now, I’m not a sports person, but even so this pulled me in and had me captivated. I loved it and would probably read it again.

Picture Time


Beach Day with Mother and Little Sister.


The only acceptable ice cream to have before a nice freezing swim.


Time to kick those shoes off,


and get wet and dirty.


After swimming and getting cold, it’s nice to sit back and watch the sunset.

IMG_6668Just look at how beautiful that is.


Everything was absolutely gorgeous and perfect.




Story time with Taco Bell Hot Sauce.

Story Time


Princess Athena- played by a brown haired, blue eyed, three year old.

Servant 1, Elizabeth- played by Me. *Big toothy grin*

Servant 2, Friend- Played by my mom’s friend and Princess Athena’s Grandpa’s girlfriend.

Nursery Maid- played by my mom.

Cart Vender- played by some person at the Dollar Tree.


The sky is clear and bright blue. The sun is shining down on everything, but with the slight breeze, the day isn’t too hot.

Scene 1

Nursery Maid: Today we are going to buy Athena a princess dress. She told me she doesn’t have one at home.

Princess Athena: And we’re going to get Elizabeth’s shoes? (Said as a question, because she’s three and everything must be a question. Statements are for saying no and making demands of us: her servants and sometimes slaves.)

Servant 1: Yup! (Spoken cheerfully, because I love this girl and if I could adopt her I would.)

Princess Athena: And we’re going to pick up Friend?

Servant 1: Yup!

Scene 2

Nursery Maid: Here is a pink princess skirt you can wear!

Princess Athena: Yeah.

Nursery Maid: And does a princess need a crown?

Princess Athena: Yeah.

Nursery Maid: Don’t you think a princess deserves princess stickers?

Princess Athena: Yeah.

(This goes on until the Little Princess has a purple wig; a pink crown; a pink skirt; purple, blue, and pink bracelets; a purple necklace; and a pink wand.)

Cart Vendor: Ooh, are you a princess?

Princess Athena: (Shyly) No.

Scene 3

Princess Athena is now all dressed up and ready to properly rule her kingdom, Milham Park. Most of the geese and ducks are laying around or happily floating on the water. Princess Athena munches her apples from Subway before she gets up and begins running around the play ground. The Nursery Maid follows her. Servant 1 swings and Servant 2 finishes her meal. Soon the whole group is walking around the park, over bridges, past rusted play grounds, and down deer trails to some wonderful, shady, overgrown spots off the beaten path. Princess Athena runs around picking up feather. Her joy is evident by her hyperventilating. A place is found for Princess Athena to swing. Servant 1 pushes her. Princess Athena squeals.

Scene 4

Potty Break.

Scene 5

Nursery Maid: Do you guys want to get ice cream from the ice cream truck?

Servant 1: (She nods her head vigorously.)

Princess Athena: Yes!

(Eating our ice cream)

Servant 1: This strawberry shortcake ice cream tastes like bubble gum.

Scene 6

In the car once again.

Princess Athena: This one is pink, then purple, yellow, and green! (She repeats herself several times. Soon enough she eats her ice cream down to the yellow.) Ooh! This is sour.

Servant 1: Do you want me to eat the yellow for you?

Princess Athena: Yeah. But don’t eat the green.

Servant 1: Alright. (Servant 1 eats the yellow ice cream, which was indeed very sour. She then hands the rest back to her majesty.)

Princess Athena: (After a few more bites) The green is sour too.

Servant 1: Do you want me to eat that for you too?

Princess Athena: No. I like sour.

Servant 1: 0_o.

Scene 6:

Nursery Maid: Princess Athena, are you tired?

Princess Athena: No. (Seconds later she is asleep in the back of the car.)

Nursery Maid: Don’t fall asleep! We’re two minutes from home. Fall asleep when we get home!

Princess Athena: (Barely able to open her eyes) I’m not tired.