He Said She Said by Kwame Alexander – Book Review

He Said She Said was another easy book by Kwame Alexander. The character development was well done and probably what kept me reading.

Omar Smalls is a football player at a small town high school. He’s the best on the team and is on his way to Miami to play in college. Not only is he known for his amazing skill in football, but also for his inane ability to pick up women. But wait, Claudia Clarke comes along and he can’t quite get her to go to bed with him. Whatever will he do when he made a bet of one-fifty with his friends? He’s got a lot of money riding on the line here and Claudia isn’t like all the other girls. She’s not easy.

Claudia Clarke has a few things that haunt her past, and she doesn’t want a repeat of a few of those mistakes. When Omar comes into her life persistently chasing her, she pushes him away and tries to drop him at every chance she can get. Omar doesn’t leave to easyily. 

In time they bond over fighting for freedom. Love even seems to be blossoming in the air. Until an old ex of Omar’s jump into the picture. In the end they both have to figure out how to apologize and forgive. Although, that’s easier said than done.

I enjoyed reading this book, although I would probably not reread it. I definitely recommend it though! It’s a great inspiring teen read. Kwame’s writing style is unique and I enjoyed reading it in his two books.


Crossover by Kwame Alexander – Book Review

This book was written entirely in prose. It was fun and easy to read. The end of it even pulled on my heartstrings a little bit. 

Crossover is about Josh Bell, also known as Filthy McNasty, who plays basketball. He and his twin brother Jordan, JB, Bell  play together. Basketball has always been what connected the brothers and their dad together. Next thing JB has a girlfriend and things get a bit tense between the brothers. It’s weird for Josh to begin doing things without Jordan. It gets so bad the boys even stop talking to each other for a short time. After a series of events that tests the entire family, Josh is challenged with whether he should keep playing Basketball or if he should stop and help the family. 

Since the whole thing was written is prose I was able to read through it quickly. An entire story told through poetry in that way was entertaining and kept me turning the page. Now, I’m not a sports person, but even so this pulled me in and had me captivated. I loved it and would probably read it again.

The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble – Book Review


Not gonna lie, I could have stopped reading this book after the first half. The whole thing was good and told a wonderful story, but being immersed in Asian culture as I am, I loved the first half better than the second half.

This first half is about The Red Queen of South Korea. In truth, she never became “Queen.” She married the prince who was a madman and  he died before he ascended the throne. Therefore, she remained princess. Her second son did ascend to the throne, so she did eventually become Queen Mother. The first half is The Red Queen telling her story in the royal palace as the wife of a mad prince.

The second half is about Babs Halliwell. The ghost of The Red Queen come to Babs so that Babs can keep The Red Queen’s story alive so that she is not forgotten. This second half of the book was nice to read, but it seemed like a whole other story unrelated to the first half. I actually enjoyed the end of the second half better than the beginning of it, because (1) that is when I actually saw the character develop, and (2) it tied the whole thing together in a nice bow.

I did enjoy the book, and I do I recommend it to all you lovely people, but I will probably not reread it.

Thumbs up to you Margaret Drabble for writing fabulously. I certainly took notes from your style so I can improve mine.

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst – Book Review


This books was amazing. Lysa wrote in such a way that connects the reader to the writer and the words on the page. She’s funny and yet knows how to hit the heart in a serious way. She talks about how to feel loved and accepted despite the amount of rejection a person has faced. I really didn’t think I would get much out of this, but I needed it more than I knew. It’s full of scripture and structured prayer to help put the reader on her feet and to give her a starting place to launch herself.

It could easily be read by girls and women of any age. I highly recommend it. It was a book for a Bible study at church last year, and honestly? I’m glad I didn’t read it until now. It would not have impacted me in any way then. Now? I had my pen on me at all times making notes and underlining things in the book.