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There are so many books I want to read over break, but I must pick and choose. As you have seen, I have finished two books (one of which was not on my TBR list). Both books were really good and I really enjoyed them. I am still reading Celebration of Discipline and Water for Elephants. Actually, I… Continue reading Current Reads

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Bullet Journaling

I mentioned this in a previous post, but now I want to breifly expand on it. Bullet Journaling is keeping an organized planner with various spreads of your own design. It does require a little creativity, but you don't need to be good at drawing or anything at all. I find it fun because it… Continue reading Bullet Journaling

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My Life ft. My Stupidity

I came to college expecting so much, and I am still expecting so much. I am expecting God to move powerfully. This first week, however, was like fighting Goliath. On Thursday, last week, classes began, and my thought was, "What could possibly happen in the first week?" Let me tell you, apparently everything can happen… Continue reading My Life ft. My Stupidity

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Is it too late to say I procrastinate?

Everyday this week I have thought about writing a post, and then I just didn't. So here I am apologizing. I am incredibly sorry. *Does a full ninety degree Korean bow.* I would love to make the excuse that I've been busy, but if I say that, then I have to give you proof I've… Continue reading Is it too late to say I procrastinate?

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What did you say?

No. Seriously. What did you say? Or, at least, what are you saying? This just struck me--as it does every once in a while--the knowledge of how much power my words have. I was just listening to the song "1 life 2 live" by The Quiett (a Korean rapper). It came across my Pandora station,… Continue reading What did you say?