The Beginning of Something Wonderful

Today classes start. I’m moved in, unpacked, definitely not organized, and incredibly sore. 

My prayer for this semester:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into our temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.     ~ Matthew 6:9-13

I am believing for a good semester. I’m excited about the classes I have and the friends I have. While I have certain idea and plan of how I want things to go, I know God is in control. His ways are higher than my ways. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I want His will to be done in my life. All things are possible with God. That is what I am living on for this school year.

I’ve talked to one of my professors already, and she’s practically guaranteed me a job in the Writing Center. (I tutor in English.) I’m going to see if I can have two work studies. A student is only allowed to have ten hours of work study, so I’m looking to see if if I can split those ten hours up between two jobs. I have to go to career services and ask if I can do that.

Everything is going so well, I’m excited for what’s going to happen this semester. 

Fighting! 加油!Goodluck! 再见!Goodbye!

Home Stretch

I thought about posting on Monday, and I thought about it again on Tuesday, but nothing much had happened, so I thought I would wait until today.

Monday night I had the opportunity of talking to my Tulsa Best Friend for a few hours. We were talking through FaceTime. It was really nice seeing her. I’m glad I’ll be able to see her in person on Monday. Yesterday, I talked to my Male Best Friend for a couple hours on the phone. I miss him so much! I’m glad I get to see him next week too. I’m hoping we can all go out to IHOP on Monday and just hang out with each other. I miss everyone! *Insert like a million cry faces right here.*

This morning Father and I went and watched the movie Atomic Blonde. It was good. It wasn’t what I expected, but I enjoyed it. I was expecting it to be like a female James Bond, and while it had its similarities, it wasn’t anything like James Bond. The last scene had me slightly confused, but it did nothing to affect how much I still like and enjoyed the movie. There was a lot of language and one sex scene, so if you’re not against any of that, I encourage you to go watch it.

That was this morning. This afternoon I did some writing, and then in the evening I started packing. The library is a mess. I have both suitcases opened and an empty crate in there. I haven’t packed anything yet. I’ve been transferring stuff from my room to the library to be packed. On top of that, I haven’t even touched my clothes yet. I put my sweaters in a box, but those are the only clothes I removed from the closet.

Of all the books I moved to the library to pack, only about five of them are fiction. The rest of the books are my journals. Which, believe me, is a lot! I have too many! I know I should leave like one or two of them here at home, but I’m so attached to all of them, and I really don’t want to leave any behind. They’re my babies. (If I could insert emojis here I would. It would be like three laughing cry faces, a cry face, and one more laughing cry face.)

Tomorrow I will attempt more writing and the daunting task of packing my clothes. I’ll have to figure out what Chinese books to take with me, and which ones to leave at home. I need to decide on the pillows I’ll take back to college and there is still so much to do. I leave Sunday, so I have time, but it’s still stressful.

So far that’s all I have to say. I’ll try to update you Friday, and I’ll put up an end of summer post on Saturday. Until then.

Goodbye! 再见!加油!Fighting! Good luck!


Is it too late to say I procrastinate?

Everyday this week I have thought about writing a post, and then I just didn’t. So here I am apologizing. I am incredibly sorry. *Does a full ninety degree Korean bow.*

I would love to make the excuse that I’ve been busy, but if I say that, then I have to give you proof I’ve been busy when really I was only busy on Tuesday, and even then I could have put up a post.

Tuesday: I went to the beach with some friends and Little Sister. After that, Mother and I took a two and a half hour car ride to a Barnes N Noble to get a book signed.


While I was only there for about fifteen minutes, I am delighted that I got this signed. I got to meet the amazing author herself. She was a delight, and I’m thankful Mother was willing to drive me.

Yeah, so Tuesday I was awake from five in the morning until probably about midnight. Everyday, after that, what was I doing? I honestly don’t remember.

I’ve been shopping a lot. So much so, I’ve run out of hangers and space in my closet to put clothes. On Thursday, I talked to Tulsa Best Friend for a couple of hours. I’ve been thinking about heading back to college and all the supplies I’m going to need for that.

I honestly, think that’s all I can say right now. I’m still slowly reading books.

Current Reads:

  • I’m about half way through The Whispers of the Fallen.
  • I’m some where on chapter two of Emperor of the Eight Islands.

This week I will definitely finish reading three books, my last freelance project,  and my second Chapbook. These are my goals for this week. I’ll be sure to get them done, and I’ll keep you updated on them.

Alright, that’s all. Now I’m gonna go write that review I promised you.

Fighting! Good luck! 加油!Goodbye! 再见!

I’m tired. Let’s get this over with.

The weekend was generally, fairly good. My week of no meat is over, however, now I am not eating sugar. I crave sweet things too much, so I’m trying to break that craving. Although, this is now forcing me to eat healthier– like veggies and fruit. (Oh, the horror.) I’m reading three books at the same time now. (I told you this was a serious problem. It’s not even a habit, just a horrible book and word addiction that I refuse to break.) I’m still reading The Red Queen  more than the other ones though. Hopefully, I’ll get that finished in the next few days.

Chinese is taking off wonderfully this week. I’m re-watching Les Interpretes (French. Literal Translation: The Interpreter.) It’s a Chinese drama, and I love it. It inspires me to study Mandarin a bit more. As unrealistic as it sounds, I think it would be really cool to be able to do simultaneous interpretation. It’s hard and takes a lot of work and practice, but I want to give it a shot. I also pulled down my flash cards from my closet, and re downloaded an app on my phone to help me with tones.

Last night I was talking to one of my favorite authors: J. D. Netto, author of The Whispers of the Fallen. I asked him what I should do when I can’t seem to write anything. Every time I site down to write, I look at the blank screen and quickly turn to Netflix. (I’m telling you, Supernatural calls my name.) He said,

“Find an idea you’r willing to pour yourself into for hours. Your passion for your work will be enough creative fuel.”

Dude, I’m so ready to find an idea I’m that passionate about. Now I just need to stop watching TV and actually start writing. (I don’t want to say good bye to Dean though! (Yes. I have claimed Dean. Fight Me.))

Umm… What else? I got new shoes. I ran a mile in them tonight. I don’t like them. I’m going to return them and get a pair of ASICS. I have high arches so I need shoes that support me well. I trust the ASICS brand so I’m going to buy me a pair that isn’t purple. (The current pair I have is purple, and I don’t like purple. I like pink.)

Yup. That’s my life.

OH!!! My Best Friend in Tulsa, got things worked out with the school, so now I can see her next semester. Yay! I was so worried she wouldn’t be coming back to school. I don’t know if I could do the semester without her. She’s kind of a staple in my life right now.

Speaking of Best Friend. My Best Friend in Michigan (Yes, I have two Best Friends.) and I will soon be working at a firework stand together. That makes me super happy. I’ve hardly seen her since I’ve been home, so it’ll be nice to spend a solid two weeks together.

Second to last thing: A lot of things are up in the air for the end of my summer. I don’t want to give too many details right now, but just be praying that God gives wisdom and guidance to all the parties involved in the decision making process.

Final topic: I will for sure be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I post any other day it will simply be because I feel like it.

Fighting! 加油!Good luck!

Twenty-Four Hour Time Travel. (No It’s Not A Service. Although It Should Be.)

Well, I succeeded. I completed a goal. I finished a book today. Although, I should warn you, I read, easily, two to five books at once. See, I totally meant to finish The Red Queen. What I actually finished was Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. I won’t say much about it here since I’ll post a review shortly after, but I will say it was good. I started it Friday night and finished it today. I took a black pen and underlined so many things.

What else did I do today? Absolutely nothing. And by nothing I mean, I wrote a 500 word short story. I finished Supernatural season 2. Mom was sick all day so I helped my sister clean the house a little bit. I ate waffles. I finally finished my laundry (which I started back on Wednesday). I ate a waffle. Talked to my college roommate over the phone. Showered. Talked to Little Sister.

Yeah. I did nothing.

**Reverse time to 24 hours ago**

I saw Wonder Woman last night, and it was amazing! (If I did movie reviews I might post one on here, but I don’t, so I won’t.) It was the perfect way to end the day after being with my daughter Athena. (Correction: She’s not my daughter, but I sure wish she was.)

**Back to Present**

“Elizabeth, you wrote 500 words! That’s amazing!”

Pfft. Thanks. It probably sucks. (I know, I’m working on my judginess of myself.) Actually, I’m proud of the idea. I might expand it, I might leave it as is. I’m not sure. We’ll see.  I do after all have to get an e-book out somehow this summer. *Right about here I would insert a tongue emoji, but I’m trying to be professional so I won’t.* *Then I would insert another one after that comment.* *Really, this whole sticking-out-tongue emoji thing could go on for ever.*

Alright, away from that. On another note, I’m debating about whether I should post tomorrow or not. I might not do anything on Sundays. I do need to put some space in between posts for me to actually do stuff to report about.


  • Do I post everyday except Sunday?


  • Do I post on only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?


  • Do I write only specific topics for each day?

Ex.: Monday is “About Me”; Tuesday I post “Current Reads” or update where I am at; Wednesday can be “Bible Study”; Thursday can be my “Progress Report” on my writing; Friday can be for only “Story Time”; and Saturday can be “Book Review.” I would still not post on Sundays unless I absolutely needed to, or if you wanted me to talk about church and what I ate for brunch.

Story Time


Princess Athena- played by a brown haired, blue eyed, three year old.

Servant 1, Elizabeth- played by Me. *Big toothy grin*

Servant 2, Friend- Played by my mom’s friend and Princess Athena’s Grandpa’s girlfriend.

Nursery Maid- played by my mom.

Cart Vender- played by some person at the Dollar Tree.


The sky is clear and bright blue. The sun is shining down on everything, but with the slight breeze, the day isn’t too hot.

Scene 1

Nursery Maid: Today we are going to buy Athena a princess dress. She told me she doesn’t have one at home.

Princess Athena: And we’re going to get Elizabeth’s shoes? (Said as a question, because she’s three and everything must be a question. Statements are for saying no and making demands of us: her servants and sometimes slaves.)

Servant 1: Yup! (Spoken cheerfully, because I love this girl and if I could adopt her I would.)

Princess Athena: And we’re going to pick up Friend?

Servant 1: Yup!

Scene 2

Nursery Maid: Here is a pink princess skirt you can wear!

Princess Athena: Yeah.

Nursery Maid: And does a princess need a crown?

Princess Athena: Yeah.

Nursery Maid: Don’t you think a princess deserves princess stickers?

Princess Athena: Yeah.

(This goes on until the Little Princess has a purple wig; a pink crown; a pink skirt; purple, blue, and pink bracelets; a purple necklace; and a pink wand.)

Cart Vendor: Ooh, are you a princess?

Princess Athena: (Shyly) No.

Scene 3

Princess Athena is now all dressed up and ready to properly rule her kingdom, Milham Park. Most of the geese and ducks are laying around or happily floating on the water. Princess Athena munches her apples from Subway before she gets up and begins running around the play ground. The Nursery Maid follows her. Servant 1 swings and Servant 2 finishes her meal. Soon the whole group is walking around the park, over bridges, past rusted play grounds, and down deer trails to some wonderful, shady, overgrown spots off the beaten path. Princess Athena runs around picking up feather. Her joy is evident by her hyperventilating. A place is found for Princess Athena to swing. Servant 1 pushes her. Princess Athena squeals.

Scene 4

Potty Break.

Scene 5

Nursery Maid: Do you guys want to get ice cream from the ice cream truck?

Servant 1: (She nods her head vigorously.)

Princess Athena: Yes!

(Eating our ice cream)

Servant 1: This strawberry shortcake ice cream tastes like bubble gum.

Scene 6

In the car once again.

Princess Athena: This one is pink, then purple, yellow, and green! (She repeats herself several times. Soon enough she eats her ice cream down to the yellow.) Ooh! This is sour.

Servant 1: Do you want me to eat the yellow for you?

Princess Athena: Yeah. But don’t eat the green.

Servant 1: Alright. (Servant 1 eats the yellow ice cream, which was indeed very sour. She then hands the rest back to her majesty.)

Princess Athena: (After a few more bites) The green is sour too.

Servant 1: Do you want me to eat that for you too?

Princess Athena: No. I like sour.

Servant 1: 0_o.

Scene 6:

Nursery Maid: Princess Athena, are you tired?

Princess Athena: No. (Seconds later she is asleep in the back of the car.)

Nursery Maid: Don’t fall asleep! We’re two minutes from home. Fall asleep when we get home!

Princess Athena: (Barely able to open her eyes) I’m not tired.



My Day ft. Cousin, Little Sister, and Friends

There I was, behind the wheel of a car, slowing down at a green light because I didn’t know where Mezzo’s was. There was a honk. I panicked. I turned right and parked behind Harding’s. Where was the dang coffee shop? I looked at my GPS and face palmed. Mezzo’s was on the left of the road; I was looking to the right. Ugh. How stupid can I get? I turn around, make it to Mezzo’s five minutes before eight, and my friend was already sitting there, scrolling on her phone, drinking an iced coffee. How could I be early and still be late?

I bought my self an iced mint chocolate drink and a blueberry scone. Let me tell you just how wrong this purchase is. I have low blood sugar–and need protein instead of sugar–and I have a gluten intolerance. An iced mint chocolate drink and a blueberry scone are both sugar and gluten. Fabulous. I’m still waiting for the stomach cramps to kick in. *eye roll*

Still, the drink was amazing. The scone could have been better. As for the conversation and the fellowship with an old friend… it was just what I needed to kick off my day. We sat and talked for three hours. It was refreshing to my soul.

What else? Mmm. I’ve been talking to my best friend all day today. I’m hoping I can see her face to face later. (Through FaceTime of course. She’s in Tulsa. I am not in Tulsa. Arg.) I also wrote a poem. I’m proud of it. (Yes, one poem.) Because I’m proud of it, I’ll probably write more tonight.

“Come on Elizabeth. This is surface level. Get deeper.”

Alright. To be honest, I’m failing at a lot of things God has asked me to do. Specifics? Being healthier. In every way possible. Maybe I’m not doing to do bad in the eating area (I’m fasting meat this week; next week I’m going to fast sugar.), but for real, look at me. I ate a blueberry scone. I’m a horrible person. (Nah, I’m just really hard on myself.) However, I haven’t been to the gym all week (mainly because I hate doing laundry, and I ran out of gym clothes). I can do better.

You want more evidence of my failing? My minor is in Mandarin Chinese. I’ve been home for six weeks (seven?) and I’ve learned/memorized three new words in Chinese. Please, take your time. I’ll wait for the horror of that to sink in. See, if you think you’re the king of procrastination (Sorry queen. However you identify) You obviously haven’t met me yet.  *Shakes your hand too vigorously with a creepy wide smile on my face.* “NICE TO MEET YOU!” (Let’s be real. I probably yell it because I’m awkward and don’t know how to have an inside voice.)

Well, there’s two things. I don’t feel like explaining further of how much I am failing right now.

SOOOOOOOOooooooo. What am I going to do? Probably watch more Supernatural.

As my good ‘ole six-year-old cousin would say: Nah, I’m just casting. (Har har.)

*You, my presumed audience, fold your arms and gives me a stare.* Fine, you’re right. I’ll go write. I’ll get things done. I’ll pull myself together. (Imagine that moment in Fruits Basket when Tohru is at work, and she raises her fists up and exclaims some long encouraging line about how she can take care of herself.)

Little Sister in the distance in a high-pitched voice: Fighting!