End of Summer pt. 3

The last word I would choose for describing my summer is family. 

As far as I am aware, this was my last summer at home. This is not saying I’ll never be home over the summer months. It means that it will be a while before I am home for as long as three months. Next summer I am attending a wedding at the end of May, shortly after I will be going to China for five to six week. I might come home for a week or two, but then I will be heading back to college. Next year will be one event after another. 

I am very thankful for all the time I was able to spend with my family. In the beginning of the summer Little Sister and I watched a lot of TV together. We tried to finish Goblin (One of the best Korean Dramas) over the weekend I returned, but we didn’t have enough time. Little Sister and I went to the gym quite a bit the first month too. I was practically always in the car with Mom. I went to the gym with Uncle for three (four?) weeks every morning at five. It wasn’t long until mom started going to the gym with me. Dad took me to the movies, and he and I often stayed up late (sometimes until three in the morning) watching TV in the Man Cave. I didn’t hang out with my big brother much, but he did give me some hats. Aunt and I had small conversations here and there that I really enjoyed, and I was able to get her a bunch of new clothes for her birthday. I even went out to breakfast with Soon-to-be Sister-in-law. 

That’s a lot. And while I spent time with everyone, I spent the most time with Momma. She and I were always grocery shopping, always in the car, and always at the firework stand. It was something I really needed. I don’t know what is going to happen this semester. I don’t know what God has planned. I know it’s going to be good, and I know I’m going to be relying on all the time I spent with Momma. All of our conversations and all the times we went shopping together will be support beams that I can fall back on to fill me with energy and courage. 

Honor thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with a promise;) that it may be will with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.    ~ Ephesians 6:2-3

I don’t know about long life (I am still quite young), but I believe I reaped a harvest of favor and love this summer. Whether it was from honoring my parents or simply stepping into a blessing that God wanted me to have, this summer was full of family and what comes with it. While there were a lot of things that happened this summer that weren’t the best, I know I will never doubt the love my family has for me or the love that my God has for me.


Home Stretch

I thought about posting on Monday, and I thought about it again on Tuesday, but nothing much had happened, so I thought I would wait until today.

Monday night I had the opportunity of talking to my Tulsa Best Friend for a few hours. We were talking through FaceTime. It was really nice seeing her. I’m glad I’ll be able to see her in person on Monday. Yesterday, I talked to my Male Best Friend for a couple hours on the phone. I miss him so much! I’m glad I get to see him next week too. I’m hoping we can all go out to IHOP on Monday and just hang out with each other. I miss everyone! *Insert like a million cry faces right here.*

This morning Father and I went and watched the movie Atomic Blonde. It was good. It wasn’t what I expected, but I enjoyed it. I was expecting it to be like a female James Bond, and while it had its similarities, it wasn’t anything like James Bond. The last scene had me slightly confused, but it did nothing to affect how much I still like and enjoyed the movie. There was a lot of language and one sex scene, so if you’re not against any of that, I encourage you to go watch it.

That was this morning. This afternoon I did some writing, and then in the evening I started packing. The library is a mess. I have both suitcases opened and an empty crate in there. I haven’t packed anything yet. I’ve been transferring stuff from my room to the library to be packed. On top of that, I haven’t even touched my clothes yet. I put my sweaters in a box, but those are the only clothes I removed from the closet.

Of all the books I moved to the library to pack, only about five of them are fiction. The rest of the books are my journals. Which, believe me, is a lot! I have too many! I know I should leave like one or two of them here at home, but I’m so attached to all of them, and I really don’t want to leave any behind. They’re my babies. (If I could insert emojis here I would. It would be like three laughing cry faces, a cry face, and one more laughing cry face.)

Tomorrow I will attempt more writing and the daunting task of packing my clothes. I’ll have to figure out what Chinese books to take with me, and which ones to leave at home. I need to decide on the pillows I’ll take back to college and there is still so much to do. I leave Sunday, so I have time, but it’s still stressful.

So far that’s all I have to say. I’ll try to update you Friday, and I’ll put up an end of summer post on Saturday. Until then.

Goodbye! 再见!加油!Fighting! Good luck!


Editing will forever be my bane.

So, it was pointed out to me that there were several huge errors in my book. I want to apologize to everyone for how inconvenient this is. I went through and edited it, so it is now back up for sale. *An entire imaginary crowd of like three people start clapping vigorously. One of them probably whistles.*


The one and only beautiful, Dowager Queen, is once again available for sale. It went from a whopping 32 pages up to 40. (I was feeling inspired.) I really encourage you all to get it. It’s small and short, so it’s something you can carry with you everywhere and read anywhere.

If you want to buy a copy of it, you can click here.

Thank you all for your support and being patient with me. It really mean a lot to me.


Is it too late to say I procrastinate?

Everyday this week I have thought about writing a post, and then I just didn’t. So here I am apologizing. I am incredibly sorry. *Does a full ninety degree Korean bow.*

I would love to make the excuse that I’ve been busy, but if I say that, then I have to give you proof I’ve been busy when really I was only busy on Tuesday, and even then I could have put up a post.

Tuesday: I went to the beach with some friends and Little Sister. After that, Mother and I took a two and a half hour car ride to a Barnes N Noble to get a book signed.


While I was only there for about fifteen minutes, I am delighted that I got this signed. I got to meet the amazing author herself. She was a delight, and I’m thankful Mother was willing to drive me.

Yeah, so Tuesday I was awake from five in the morning until probably about midnight. Everyday, after that, what was I doing? I honestly don’t remember.

I’ve been shopping a lot. So much so, I’ve run out of hangers and space in my closet to put clothes. On Thursday, I talked to Tulsa Best Friend for a couple of hours. I’ve been thinking about heading back to college and all the supplies I’m going to need for that.

I honestly, think that’s all I can say right now. I’m still slowly reading books.

Current Reads:

  • I’m about half way through The Whispers of the Fallen.
  • I’m some where on chapter two of Emperor of the Eight Islands.

This week I will definitely finish reading three books, my last freelance project,  and my second Chapbook. These are my goals for this week. I’ll be sure to get them done, and I’ll keep you updated on them.

Alright, that’s all. Now I’m gonna go write that review I promised you.

Fighting! Good luck! 加油!Goodbye! 再见!

Pity Parties, Quality Time, and Explosives.

Just like the title, this weekend was a roller coaster. Nothing was altogether easy, but in away, I believe everything that happened was necessary. It all go me thinking about a lot of things I needed to encounter, and it provoked a much needed conversation between me and Little Sister.

For starters, yesterday I went to the Michigan International Speedway NASCAR Race. I went with Aunt, Uncle, and Mother. We left at five in the morning and arrived at MIS around 7:15a.m. The day started well. We set up the tailgate and headed to Gypsy Row. The only thing missing was Father and Little Sister. (He was at work and she was at church.) We bought several things, providing me with four shirts and a plastic back pack. (The back pack was cool and I bought it, while everything else Mom and Aunt Joan got me. Also what from what a bird said, it sounds like everyone was cammanded to get me what I wanted. So being spoiled a bit and getting some quality time with family was wonderful.) Due to rain, we left Gypsy Row and headed back to the truck. We sat around for a while, then headed in to walk around a bit more (not at Gypsy Row, but I don’t know what it was called.) We tried some free McDonald’s mango smoothie, then played a game which entailed tossing giant, foam Chicken Nuggets into an equally giant, cardboard Chicken Nugget box. (Up close, the nuggets looked like delicious cakes, but they felt really weird!) The only person who won was Mother. She got a McDonald’s t-shirt. We did a few other things but nothing too exciting. There was on guys on stilts who was funny. I should have gotten a picture with him, but talking to strangers scares me. (Having to socialize? Ewe.) We all went to the tailgate and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, relaxed a bit, and then headed up into the stands to watch the race. Nothing too exciting happened. There were some spin outs and a couple blown tires, but nothing to oggle over. After the race we went and ate dinner, packed up the tailgate and went home. I was probably up until one in the morning.

Then my next day started at 7:30a.m.

I struggled to get up, but whatever. Got dressed. Fixed my hair in the bathroom. Michigan Best Friend arrived. Cool. I was awkward. Ugh. When am I not. The morning went by casually and slowly. Big Brother arrived to clean out a stinky, moldy, cooler. We talked and he helped me put some things into perspective. (Which will be discussed further down.) He left. Michigan Best Friend and I started watching Got7, BTS, and Seventeen video memes. (Dude, the addiction, the struggle is so real.) We laughed. Yay! Then mother arrived and we got busy getting ready to go set up the firework stand. (Yes, this is my third year working at Yellow Box Fireworks. Do I love it? Eh. I enjoy it to some extent, but I would much rather be at home writing or studying Mandarin. (Not that I do that now in my free time.) But I am with family, so that’s a bonus, and it’s a rather easy way to bring in a little extra spending money.) While Mother and I were getting things together before we left, she said some things I disagreed with (not to be discussed later, because it really doesn’t matter. If I say anything it makes her feelings invalid, and in no way do I ever wish to do that to someone.) and that, I admit, I allowed to begin the bad mood I would continue to sit in for the rest of the day. (No, that’s wrong. What started everything, was the fact that I woke up with a mysterious rash on my arm and neck. Before we left, Mother had me take a Benadryl.)

*Fast forward*

We’re at the firework stand. Things are going well. I have a question about some of the fireworks I was taping wicks down on. I turn to Big Brother who is talking to Mother and call his name. Nothing. I call his name again. Nothing. I wait for there to be a pause in the conversation. I call his name, just as I say it he begins talking again. “Story of my entire life,” I say. Best Friend comments, saying, “Well, he is talking to your mom.” This is true, so maybe I was interrupting; however, people do it to me all the time. I take a deep breath, I try not to get defensive, (even though I already did.) and wait. He stops talking to mother and walks right past me. He never even heard me say his name. Whatever. Now I’m mad, but I’ll move on. I won’t finish this row, I’ll move to the next shelf. The cakes (a type of firework) on this shelf were packed so much tighter then everything else that it made me even more mad. I set the tape down, removed everything, and looked for the tape. It had put it right there and now it’s gone! Frustrated, thinking I won’t do anything since I obviously can’t, I put everything back, and ta-da! there’s the tape. It was behind all the product I just put back. Now I’m pissed. I’m tired, I have a rash, I’m on Benadryl, the light is too bright, I have a headache, the world is spinning around me, and I’m ready to either collapse or go sit down. I remove myself from the yellow box (Yellow Box Fireworks is really just a giant, yellow container.) and go sit in the car. My thought process was the worst thing ever.

Me to myself: Wow. You were ignored. You never have anything important to say. No one really cares. Ugh. Look at Best Friend working so hard. Why are you so lazy? You never do anything you’re supposed to. You’re eating a freagging bag of Cheetos and Gluten Free Oreos. You need help. You should pray. Gosh, don’t blame it on demons, Elizabeth. Sometimes bad things happen, and sometimes it’s just sin. Pull yourself together. Look, if your family weren’t so negative this wouldn’t be an issue. Like you’re one to talk! Look at all this negativity you’re spewing out right now! Like this will actually help anything.

I’ll stop it right there. You get the gist. I had about ten minutes of just that. My brain was searching for anything and everything to be negative about. It was horrible. I was in a pissy mood from then on. Eventually it faded after about two hours. *I am having such a hard time keeping my eyes open right now. Holy Cow.* TWO HOURS OF THAT STINKY CRAP FILLING MY BRAIN. Gross. G. R. O. S. S. From then on, it was a battle of me trying to stay happy and light.

Did I succeed? Only for so long.

I have never seen such a striking contrast between trusting in God and letting him handle things, and trusting in my own ability to handle things. Let me tell you something: I fail every single time.

Okay, let’s continue on here.

Got home (on a flat tire). Yay. Found Little Sister, and sat and talked with her for a good while about the family and many many things. I think, the most important being how our words change our world. I believe that very literally. For years I said I was going to travel the world, and now next year I am going to China. I also think that how we say what we say changes our world too.

If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

~ Every mom on the planet ever

This hit me so hard today. This not only goes toward what I say about other people but what I say about myself. If it isn’t nice, encouraging, uplifting, or complementing, I shouldn’t be saying it. After all “life and death are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). I want to be giving life to the world around me. Certainly I want to be giving life to myself.

A lot of times I talk about or think about how negative other people are, when I’m right there in the same boat with them. The short stream of consciousness that I gave you is just a snippet of what I say to myself daily. Unfortunately, I’m saying things like that about other people too. What a hypocrite.

This also then goes back to the conversation I had with Big Brother. He had told me how busy he was. I said, “Man, I wish I was that busy. All I do is sit around watching T.V. and writing. Ya know, gotta get those blog posts up. But, ya know, writing for a blog or anything isn’t a job, so I don’t get a lot of the respect that you do.”

Big Brother said, “I wish I had your life. I never have time for anything anymore. I work at the coffee shop, I’m the bookkeeper for the cleaning service, and now with the firework stand starting off, and then at night I’m recording with Best Friend.”

It was simple, but it helped me see that I wasn’t completely lazy and that my life is a life too. I guess “the grass is always greener on the other side” is right.

I need to learn to trust God, move forward, and enjoy the moments I’m in. Like right now. I’m here writing this blog post, and my  Michigan Best Friend is on the couch two seats down from me scrolling through Facebook and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is such a small moment, but I’m at peace and this is something to cherish.

Anyway, it’s a lot to think about, and a lot for me to journal…. tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

Fighting! 加油!Good luck!


Oh my gosh. I’m late.

I was only hella busy all day Friday. I spent the day watching my darlings, Anthony and Athena. From 8 until 4:30, they were all mine. We spent the morning inside, then went outside for about an hour and a half. Then we came inside for lunch, went to McDonald’s for ice cream, and then we went to the park behind the library. Afterwards we came back to the house for quiet, woke up, had snack, then I sent them off home. I had such a fun time with them. Athena was adorable and sweet as usual, and Anthony, being deprived of the love and attention he needs, really enjoyed being spoiled and having some times with me.

Some of the things Anthony said:

“Elizabeth, you look so beautiful in that dress!”

“Elizabeth, can I give you a high five for looking to beautiful?”

“Now I have two friends: You and Fletcher.”

“Elizabeth, I really like spending time with you.”

“We should plan another day like this. Okay? Can we?”


Mini conversation we had:

Father bought me a map of China so I was pointing out to everyone where I would be when I moved there. I showed Anthony the map and pointed out to him where I would be living. “Look Anthony, this is where I’m going to live in China one day.”

“You’re going to live in China? I’m never gonna live in China.”


“You’re gonna live there?”


“I wanna live there with you. Can I go to China with you? I really want to go with you and live with you.”



Yeah. I think my heart only broke into a million pieces yesterday. I love those kids so much.

Today, Amber and I went to two graduation parties in our Clunker van named D-La (DLA is what’s on her licence plate.) We only turned around like 20 million times, only to find we were going the right way all along. I’ve had so much food today I’m stuffed (really just a lot of Gluten) and I have some Asian food here to be cooked, and I want to eat it so bad, but I don’t want to cook it unless I know I’m going to eat it all.

My weekend has been full of adventures, and it’s not even over yet. Tonight I’m going to church by myself. Little Sister is only staying for worship since she’s leading it in middle school. And the rest of my family will be driving home from the NASCAR race. Which is also another reason I’m going tonight, because I will be joining them at the race tomorrow. We leave at five in the morning. *Camera stare like on The Office*

UPDATE ON WRITING: there is none. It’s okay, you can go ahead and shoot me. I’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural, and as you can see, my weekend has been busy. Although, I could watch less Supernatural and write more. Am I? No. Yeah, so I think shooting me is perfectly reasonable.

Please help! *Insert desperate cry face* What do you do to motivate yourself to get off Netflix and write that sentence that really is refusing to move past the fingertips or that role play game in your head? I feel like I know all the tricks. I’m just lazy. Which is another thing. I haven’t been to the gym too much, because I need to exchange these new shoes for the ASICS ones that I want to get. I did go running twice though.

Okay, confession, I really don’t know how to end these things well. I feel like I’m awkward, and how does one have good transition sentences between paragraphs on a blog? How does one do a conclusion?

Good bye! (Is that it?)

Well, that’s the update on my life. (Gosh, I sound boring. Whatever.)

Fighting! 加油!Good luck!

Picture Time


Beach Day with Mother and Little Sister.


The only acceptable ice cream to have before a nice freezing swim.


Time to kick those shoes off,


and get wet and dirty.


After swimming and getting cold, it’s nice to sit back and watch the sunset.

IMG_6668Just look at how beautiful that is.


Everything was absolutely gorgeous and perfect.




Story time with Taco Bell Hot Sauce.