Is it too late to say I procrastinate?

Everyday this week I have thought about writing a post, and then I just didn’t. So here I am apologizing. I am incredibly sorry. *Does a full ninety degree Korean bow.*

I would love to make the excuse that I’ve been busy, but if I say that, then I have to give you proof I’ve been busy when really I was only busy on Tuesday, and even then I could have put up a post.

Tuesday: I went to the beach with some friends and Little Sister. After that, Mother and I took a two and a half hour car ride to a Barnes N Noble to get a book signed.


While I was only there for about fifteen minutes, I am delighted that I got this signed. I got to meet the amazing author herself. She was a delight, and I’m thankful Mother was willing to drive me.

Yeah, so Tuesday I was awake from five in the morning until probably about midnight. Everyday, after that, what was I doing? I honestly don’t remember.

I’ve been shopping a lot. So much so, I’ve run out of hangers and space in my closet to put clothes. On Thursday, I talked to Tulsa Best Friend for a couple of hours. I’ve been thinking about heading back to college and all the supplies I’m going to need for that.

I honestly, think that’s all I can say right now. I’m still slowly reading books.

Current Reads:

  • I’m about half way through The Whispers of the Fallen.
  • I’m some where on chapter two of Emperor of the Eight Islands.

This week I will definitely finish reading three books, my last freelance project,  and my second Chapbook. These are my goals for this week. I’ll be sure to get them done, and I’ll keep you updated on them.

Alright, that’s all. Now I’m gonna go write that review I promised you.

Fighting! Good luck! 加油!Goodbye! 再见!


Twenty-Four Hour Time Travel. (No It’s Not A Service. Although It Should Be.)

Well, I succeeded. I completed a goal. I finished a book today. Although, I should warn you, I read, easily, two to five books at once. See, I totally meant to finish The Red Queen. What I actually finished was Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. I won’t say much about it here since I’ll post a review shortly after, but I will say it was good. I started it Friday night and finished it today. I took a black pen and underlined so many things.

What else did I do today? Absolutely nothing. And by nothing I mean, I wrote a 500 word short story. I finished Supernatural season 2. Mom was sick all day so I helped my sister clean the house a little bit. I ate waffles. I finally finished my laundry (which I started back on Wednesday). I ate a waffle. Talked to my college roommate over the phone. Showered. Talked to Little Sister.

Yeah. I did nothing.

**Reverse time to 24 hours ago**

I saw Wonder Woman last night, and it was amazing! (If I did movie reviews I might post one on here, but I don’t, so I won’t.) It was the perfect way to end the day after being with my daughter Athena. (Correction: She’s not my daughter, but I sure wish she was.)

**Back to Present**

“Elizabeth, you wrote 500 words! That’s amazing!”

Pfft. Thanks. It probably sucks. (I know, I’m working on my judginess of myself.) Actually, I’m proud of the idea. I might expand it, I might leave it as is. I’m not sure. We’ll see.  I do after all have to get an e-book out somehow this summer. *Right about here I would insert a tongue emoji, but I’m trying to be professional so I won’t.* *Then I would insert another one after that comment.* *Really, this whole sticking-out-tongue emoji thing could go on for ever.*

Alright, away from that. On another note, I’m debating about whether I should post tomorrow or not. I might not do anything on Sundays. I do need to put some space in between posts for me to actually do stuff to report about.


  • Do I post everyday except Sunday?


  • Do I post on only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?


  • Do I write only specific topics for each day?

Ex.: Monday is “About Me”; Tuesday I post “Current Reads” or update where I am at; Wednesday can be “Bible Study”; Thursday can be my “Progress Report” on my writing; Friday can be for only “Story Time”; and Saturday can be “Book Review.” I would still not post on Sundays unless I absolutely needed to, or if you wanted me to talk about church and what I ate for brunch.