Editing will forever be my bane.

So, it was pointed out to me that there were several huge errors in my book. I want to apologize to everyone for how inconvenient this is. I went through and edited it, so it is now back up for sale. *An entire imaginary crowd of like three people start clapping vigorously. One of them probably whistles.*


The one and only beautiful, Dowager Queen, is once again available for sale. It went from a whopping 32 pages up to 40. (I was feeling inspired.) I really encourage you all to get it. It’s small and short, so it’s something you can carry with you everywhere and read anywhere.

If you want to buy a copy of it, you can click here.

Thank you all for your support and being patient with me. It really mean a lot to me.


milk and honey by rupi kaur – Book Review


This book. I might have written more notes in this book than I did in Amanda Lovelace’s book.

Again, this was a book of poetry. There were no capital letters, which I enjoyed. Although, one thing that set this book a part from Lovelace’s is that Kaur put drawings on some of the pages. I loved that. I wasn’t just reading things from Kaur’s point of view, but I was also able to see things from her point of view.

Both Lovelace’s and Kaur’s books are similar in content, but the delivery was different, and both of them gave me different perspectives on different matters. I really liked reading it, and I really want to go through and reread it, but that will wait for when I finish a few other books I have stacked on my floor.

I highly recommend you go buy this book. Read it and take notes then go and read it again. Let it flood your soul and enter into your mind. Let it make you think. Let it give you new ideas and a few tips on what you can do to better improve your poetry. I know it did all of those things to me.

Get ready ya’all.

I am so excited to announce, that I have been working hard at writing.

“What? Really? You write?”

Harhar. Yes. Yesterday. I wrote a whole chapbook (32 pages. Wooooow *hint of sarcasm*), and now am in the process of going through Lulu and self-publishing the little thing. It should be done and ready within a couple of weeks. I’m excited to show you guys the final product. I really hope you all like it. Little Sister is the only one who has read the whole thing, and Michigan Best Friend read part of it.

That’s the most exciting thing I’ve done.

Do I have anything else to talk about? Yes. Always. I’m slowly making my way through The Whispers of the Fallen. I am loving it so much. I’m actually surprised I haven’t finished it yet. I did finish milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. It was so beautiful. (I would like to let everyone know, I just spelled beautiful as butiful. *face palm*) I want to reread it again, but I won’t so soon. I should be putting a review up soon. Maybe I can get someone else to review it too. Hehe. Anyway, be on the look out for that.

**Just had a thought** Why is it, that when I start picking up the pace in writing and reading I lack in Chinese? or vice versa? What is this? Why can’t I just do everything and have a nice productive life? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ooh! Yesterday, I went shopping, and came home with more clothes than I need. The thought of having to leave some home when I go back to college hurts my heart. I’m so emotionally attached to everything wear. I’m excited about these new clothes though, because I’ve been trying to adjust my style to look like more of the K-Pop trends. I think I did really well with that yesterday. I went to Walmart, Plato’s Closet, Maurices, and Barnes N Noble.

“Barnes N Noble? You can’t get clothes there.” No, you’re right. I can’t, but I did get a cute planner. I love it to pieces already. It’s cute and colorful with different shades of pink and red on it. I’m excited for the semester to start so that I can use the planner to its fullest.

Alright. That’s as much of an update (updete… that’s what I almost put.) as I think is necessary right now. Not unless you all really want to know about me going to the beach on Thursday? Friday? (I don’t remember.) and getting an iPad on Saturday, and how I’ll be going to the beach again tomorrow. (Now you know, and I probably already told you most of that stuff.)

See, my goodbyes and endings to these can’t possible get more awkward.

Fighting! Good luck! 加油!

the princess saves herself in this one by amanda lovelace – Book Review


This book is the most fabulous thing. It is raw and honest and tore me open to be honest with myself. My personal life (past and present) doesn’t relate to half the things this book talks about, but I have a general understanding of its topics just from my own experiences. It definitely helped broaden my view of life outside of my own life experiences. I recommend this book to everyone.

the princess saves herself in this one is a book of poetry that does not use any capitals whatsoever, which I appreciated since capitals are unnecessary in the English language. Lovelace doesn’t use rhyme, but she does use line breaks, italics, and strikethrough to create a rhythm. The book tells a heartbreaking story about a girl with a desire to love and be loved.

Just within the first few pages I was pulled in. I am certainly on the lookout for more work by Amanda Lovelace.

Solo by Kwame Alexander – Book Review

This book wrapped me in its arms, tore my heart to shreds, and attempted to tape it back together. It was a wonderful piece by Kwame. This, like Crossover, was written in prose (poetic verse). One thing in particular that I loved about it were the names: Blade, Storm, Sunny, Joy, Chapel. Almost all of them resembles a key attribute about the character.

The story is about Blade Morrison, born and raised in the spotlight. However, the spotlight isn’t always great, and the paparazzi is horrible. His family, his dad, is constantly on the front cover of everything. He tries to find solace from all the crazy in his girlfriend, but her parents aren’t too fond of her dating a rock star who comes from a drug addict, alcoholic, deadbeat, rock star father. Blade wants out, and he wants out fast, especially after he hears life-altering news about himself that Storm, his sister, throws in his face. It pushes him over the edge. Way over the edge. Traveling out of the country to Ghana over the edge. There he meets a girl named Joy and a five-year old names Sia. Both of them begin to change his life, although, after meeting them, it’s everything but an easy climb to happiness from there on out.

The story really was great and incredibly inspiring. As soon as I’m done passing the book around friends and family, I can guarantee I’m going to annotate my copy. The only thing that bothered me about the book was when Blade reacted to what Storm told him about himself. I thought he overreacted. I get he was emotional, and his family was pushing him to a breaking point, but I thought it was too sudden. Also, Joy’s wisdom seemed uncanny.

Despite those two things, the story was amazing! I highly recommend it.


*** Also! There’s a great track list in the book. LISTEN. TO. IT.



Dust To Flesh: The Beginning of the End by R. L. Stoll – Book Review


Dust to Flesh by R. L. Stoll is a self-published book done through CreateSpace. It is designed well, with a nice soft matte cover. The formatting on the inside is a bit off center, but otherwise, the rest of it is fabulous. I loved the story line. I felt there were a few times when the character was being to oblivious to facts. Some things, as a reader, I picked up on, and it annoyed me slightly when the character didn’t, especially since she herself is incredibly smart. There was of course the cliche love that made me roll my eyes (not sure how love can be un-cliche though, when it’s so common in every book), but it was written nicely.

The story itself is about a girl name Noelle who gets caught in a battle between gargoyles and grotesques–in a way angels and demons. Why? She’s a Plain Jane from Plainwell, Michigan. Well, it’s because of her bloodline going all the way back to Cologne, Germany. The problem with her being in the middle of this battle between gargoyles and grotesques, aside from her life being in danger, is it also puts her best friend and her boyfriend in danger. While both vow never to leave her, neither of them are fully aware of the circumstances either. Eventually, the situation gets too risky and she has to make a decision that could risk the continuation of both her relationships with her best friend and her boyfriend.

The book was was great with a wonderful progression of events. I highly recommend this book. I’m most definitely going to have to buy the second book. It’s an easy read, and will pull you in almost right away.


Current Reads and Random Stuff

My tent is collapsing and I’m not moving. It’s windy, I’m cold, but I will not sit in the sun. If I never post again, it’s because I died from a collapsed canopy. (What a way to go.)

*** Update: we took the tent down. I’m in the sun.

As the title promises, Current Reads. (Yes, readsssssss. Plural.)

  1. Whispers of the Fallen by J. D. Netto. (My phone corrected Netto to Metro. How embarrassing would that be if didn’t catch that?)
  2. Dust to Flesh: The Beginning of the End by R. L. Stoll.
  3. Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster.

A fourth book may be added soon. I’ll let you know if/when it happens.

Today I brought my laptop to the firework stand. I might just get some writing done today. I will have all of tomorrow off of work. That will be nice. I’ll see if I can go to the gym. Do some meditating. Journaling and Bible study.

Yesterday, momma took me shopping. I finally have some short sleeved shirts. I’m tellin’ ya, my wardrobe consist of 30% sweaters, 30% dresses, 30% workout clothes, and 10% socially acceptable summer shirts.

Why am I like this???

Last Christmas break, Michigan Best Friend and I went to Goodwill so I could get some summer clothes. (My first mistake was shopping for summer during winter.) I left with five sweaters. … It’s okay. Let that sink in. Laugh at me. Everyone else did. I’m addicted to them, I swear. *I eyeroll at myself.*

Wow. I’ve made this blog to be like my journal without all the emotional stuff. *shrugs shoulder*

Okay. Whatever. That’s enough of my blabbering.


Fighting! 加油!Good luck!