Whispers of the Fallen by J. D. Netto – Book Review

Pat me on the back! I finally finished The Whispers of the Fallen by J. D. Netto. Okay, I’ll be honest, I finished it over Thanksgiving break. What can I say? I was busy and honestly just ignored the blog for a while to focus on myself. But I’m back, and I’m back with a book review!

The Whispers of the Fallen was good, but there were so may grammar issues and character inconsistencies that it was hard for me to fully enjoy the plot. However, what the author did do well was gradually reveal information and move the plot along. The character development was sometimes overwhelming, but it wasn’t horrible. Honestly though, with all of the little things, I would reread the book. There were a couple of really good sentences I highlighted, and I feel there was something I didn’t catch my first read through because I was too busy looking at errors.

The book is about the two characters Isaac and Demetre. This first book, however, mostly focuses on Isaac. In the book the two characters are in the middle of a war between what can be classified as angels and demons. Why are they in the middle of this war? Isaac and Demetre have special journals locked away in boxes which can only be opened by their blood. Depending on who has the journals and if they have been unlocked, could determine the course of the world. Through trying to avoid giving his blood to open these journals, Isaac loses Demetre (He comes back much later on in the book), gains and loses several allies, discovers he has wings in the process (which is really cool), and ultimately Isaac escapes evil. Well, as far as we’re aware. This is a first book in a series, so it leaves us with hope that Isaac and Demetre survive and win, but it also leaves us with the knowledge that the bad guys have a back up plan for a comeback.

The plot moves along really well, which is what kept me reading this time. There were times I lost track of characters simply because too many were involved in one scene. At other times I was left pondering a sentence for several minutes. This book, premise wise, plot wise, was really good. I think if the grammar was dusted up a little bit, then this could be great.

It was a good book. I highly recommend it for young adults somewhere in middle school and high school. At the same time, I am in neither of those age ranges and I really enjoyed it. I feel like this is a book all ages can enjoy, but I especially think this book could benefit young adults.


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